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Remember the "Blessing of the Sun" that everyone was talking about back in April?

If you are not familiar with "Birkat Hachama", it refers to a Jewish blessing that is recited in appreciation of the Sun once every 28 years, when the vernal equinox, as calculated by tradition, falls on a Tuesday at sundown. Jewish tradition says that when the Sun completes this cycle, it has returned to its position when the world was created.

Very rarely does this day fall on the Eve of Passover, but in 2009 it did.

Kadosh Elyon, author of Meir Enei Chachamim, wrote 200 years ago the third time that Israel will bless the sun on the eve of Passover will be in the year 5769 (2009), and adds, "This will be last time ever and shortly afterwards, the Geula (Redemption) MUST come".


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