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I didn't realize until today that Herb Peters had "left the camp" prior to leaving this world.

His original article quoted below can be found here:

One of the hardest things I have done was to leave the pre-trib camp. I knew that if I did, I would become an outcast to the very people whom I most needed to get my message out and wanted to reach. Yet, I also knew that God didn't reveal the information I had stumbled on to any of them. That being the case, I was willing to go outside the camp.

Today things are different. Many are using the information that we've been reporting. Most, however, usually for sincerely held doctrinal reasons, are unwilling to join us outside the camp. As a result, I believe the full implications of the events now occurring are being compromised. And, God's people continue sleeping in the dark.

Yet, that's the situation Jesus describes. In the time of His coming, Jesus says it will take a shout to wake us from our sleep (Matt. 25:6). But, as I see that day approaching, my concern is for the unprepared -- those who think they have oil enough to face what's coming, and they don't.

It's my belief, based on my understanding of the Bible and world events, we could soon find ourselves in the Great Tribulation. And, according to Jesus, at that time many of our shepherds may suddenly flee. If so, it will be up to us to spiritually fend for ourselves. And, for many weak believers, knowing the truth about the situation may be vital.

I had an email waiting this morning. It was from a friend who wanted to know how I saw the Great Tribulation fitting into the 70th week of Daniel. In other words, how do I see the events unfolding from my perspective outside the camp.

According to Jesus, the Great Tribulation will be a time of unprecedented persecution by the antichrist and his 10 kings. And, although the antichrist will be given authority to wage his war against God's people for 3 1/2 years, Jesus tells us -- for the sake of His elect -- He will cut short that 3 1/2 year period (Matt. 24:22).

When we factor in the related prophecies, and when we look at today's actual geopolitical situation, we see an amazing match. As far as the prophecies are concerned, if you recall, Jesus told the angel of one church, because, among other things, they have a little power, He has placed before them an open door that no one can close (Rev. 3:8) . He also told this church that they would be kept from the persecution of the antichrist (Rev. 3:10). In Daniel we read about an angel asking, "How long will it be until the end of these wonders?" And the answer is: "... it would be for a time, times, and half a time (3 1/3 years); and as soon as they finish shattering the power of the holy people, all these events will be completed (Daniel 12:6-7).

It's my belief, just as the antichrist is about to finish off the last pockets of God's people, that's when Jesus will cut short the antichrist's 3 1/2 year war and rapture His saints. And, in the remaining part of the 3 1/2 year period, that's when Jesus will pour out His wrath on the antichrist, the false prophet and their followers. This is also when mystery Babylon will be destroyed and Armageddon will occur.

Now, looking at things geopolitically, that's the picture I see forming. The US and the EU have entered into a strategic partnership in order to create a new international order out of the UN and NATO. Included in their plans is a reorganized UN that includes new religious, economic and enforcement elements. The target date for the new international system to be up and running is 2010. The idea is to first implement their security measures over the Euro-Mediterranean region in order to bring peace to the Middle East. If successful, the plan is to progressively extend it globally. Included in all this is the UN's Alliance of Civilizations, which I believe, could be the place from where the antichrist and false prophet wage their war against the saints.

As I was saying, when we factor in all the related prophecies, and when we look at today's geopolitical situation, I believe we may have a match. I also know that there are other prophecy teachers who see things very differently.

But, that's how things look from here -- outside the camp.


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